grew up in his family’s woodworking shop, where he followed in the footsteps of his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather who, in the 1920s, chose to dedicate his life to woodworking.

Unique pieces
Rigorously handmade

Artisanal, traditional excellence combined with Bruno Spreafico‘s passion for research and fusion led to his unveiling of a collection of home furnishings and solid wood tables in 2014. Unique pieces rigorously handmade, conceived and born in the woodworking shop. They are pieces created with both the use of technology and tools full of history which were inherited from his grandparents.


The history of every creation by Bruno Spreafico begins with careful research – starting with the selection of massive trunk sections, he evaluates the color and grain, the knots and those “perfect imperfections” which make a final piece unique and unrepeatable. Treated with special products to maintain its appearance and to protect it from wood-destroying insects, the bark remains visible, enhancing the authenticity and memory of the original tree.