Bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops in walnut burl wood

Bathroom countertops in walnut burl wood
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L 60-300 x P 50 x L cm



A tapestry of eternal stories

Every solid wood panel is unique, and this uniqueness is breathtakingly magnified when three are assembled together in a single, wall-hung washbasin countertop. Each of these panels has its own distinctive marks, rich in history and individuality, that cannot be contained in clean lines: the edges are raw and irregular, allowing the walnut burl wood to express itself freely. This dark solid wood has a rich grain and unique imperfections that can be created only by grafting European walnut with black walnut.
Every Bruno Spreafico piece is unique and made to measure, with a wide choice of woods, finishes, materials, sizes and other features.

Every detail is a triumph of craftsmanship and creativity.

Signs full of history and personality.

Imperfections that can only arise from the grafting of the European walnut with the American one.