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Olive wood table

Olive wood table
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L 150/400 x P 70/150 x H 75 cm



The eternal soul of a centuries-old plant

This solid olive wood table top is supported on a boxed iron base with visible welding, rising up with all the majesty and solidity that only a column can confer. Olive is a highly-prized wood, with intense colours and a distinct grain with deep grooves filled with black resin castings that tell the story of these ancient trees. The deliberate irregularity of the edges emphasises the imperfections of this unique piece.
Every Bruno Spreafico piece is unique and made to measure, with a wide choice of woods, bases, finishes, colours, materials, sizes and other features.

Every detail is a triumph of craftsmanship and creativity.

The olive tree is an essence of particular value, with intense colors, furrowed by evident veins and deep grooves filled with black resin castings.

The deliberate irregularity of the edges enhances the imperfections of a unique work.

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