Horizontal sideboards

Oakwood and iron sideboard

Oakwood and iron sideboard
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L 150 x P 47 x H 80 cm



A unique perspective on modern furniture

The encounter between solid wood and iron is one of the distinguishing traits of Bruno Spreafico’s products. This time we present you a unique perspective: the iron dominates the surface of the sideboard with three doors of 45-60-45 centimeters framed by a hard, resistant, and tenacious oak wood structure with its yellow/reddish hue.
Each creation by Bruno Spreafico is unique and made to measure, offering a wide selection of essences, supports, processing, colors, materials, dimensions, and other features.

Every detail is a triumph of craftsmanship and creativity.

An oak wood structure, hard resistant and tenacious with its yellow / reddish heu

The iron laminate dominates the surface of the sideboard