Laminated tables

Olive ash table

Olive ash table
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L 150-300 x P 70-150 x H 75 cm



Many uniqueness enhanced in combination

Every panel of wood is unique, and this uniqueness shines through even when they are combined together to create a single table. The rough-cut short edges of the individual panels create a contrast with the straight long sides, and the skilful combination of light and dark surfaces creates a unique visual effect. The Olive Ash imitates the prized features of olive wood, while retaining the semi-hardness and versatility of ash. The tabletop is supported by folded iron sheets with a metallicised finish and visible welding.
Every Bruno Spreafico piece is unique and made to measure, with a wide choice of woods, bases, finishes, colours, materials, sizes and other features.

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