The artist

The artist

Heir of a secular tradition

Bruno Spreafico grew up in the family carpentry shop where he made his daily gestures of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who, in the twenties of the last century, chose to dedicate his life to woodworking. Here he learns the secrets of craftsmanship handed down through four generations and embraces them with the passion for innovation of makers, to give life to authentic and contemporary furnishings.

of craftsmanship

In 2014 he presented a collection of furnishing accessories and tables in solid wood: unique pieces strictly handmade, designed and born in his carpentry workshop, through the wise use of technology and tools full of history inherited from grandparents.

A material mix

The history of each Bruno Spreafico creation begins with careful research work, which chooses sections of massive trunks evaluating their color and veins, knots, and those “perfect imperfections” that will make the final piece unique and unrepeatable. Properly treated with special products to maintain its appearance and protect it from wood pests, the bark can remain visible, thus enhancing the authenticity and memory of the tree of origin.

Custom made

Each creation by Bruno Spreafico is handcrafted
and made to measure based on our customers’ needs

Live the emotion of wood.

In every room of the house.


Our past is the strength to be able to look to the future with awareness and ability: find out what we have learned about wood, carpentry and furniture in the last 100 years.
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