Bold combinations with wood for unique experiences

Solid wood brings strong emotions, with the intensity of its colors, the uniqueness of the signs that tell its story, the aura of vitality and warmth that emanates, and the strength of the material that throbs at the simple touch.

All this can be enhanced by giving life to creations that are not simple furniture, but experiences, and the key is contrast.

Different materials that are normally separated are forced together, bound in an indissoluble embrace that makes their differences evident.

arredi in legno massello

Yet, it is precisely from this mix that inexplicable and unbelievable combinations are born to make the
distinction valorization.

As light shines brighter in the darkness, the quality of the material stands out even better when combined with its opposite.

The warmth of the wood burns even more intensely close to the cold of the marble.

The vitality of wood is even more pervasive alongside the artificiality of iron.

The colors of the wood are even more intense in contrast with the monochrome of the resin.

The imperfections of wood are even more unique and fascinating when compared with the perfection of a crystal.

arredi in legno massello

And to combine these contrasting materials, balancing their essences to harmonize them, we can only trust the hand of a craftsman guided by a bold vision and a burning desire to experiment with new ways to express the passion for solid wood and share it with the whole world.

So unique and inimitable solid wood furnishings are born, full of charm, with a taste that is both modern
and timeless, with attention to the smallest details.

With all the differences between one variety of solid wood and another and the variety of materials with which they can be joined, the combinations are literally endless.

Bruno Spreafico creates solid wood furniture completely customized, constantly experimenting with the
material to create unique pieces like these: find out more by contacting us.

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