Tables with glass or iron insert

Chestnut and iron table

Chestnut and iron table
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L 150-400 x P 70-150 x H 75 cm



A combination of materiality

A table created from two contrasting spirits: warm, natural wood on the one hand and cold forged iron on the other. A metallic strip separates twin pieces of chestnut, bringing out its yellowish-brown colours, the dense web of the grain and the irregular edges of this prized, hardwearing wood. The role of iron in the design is emphasised by square-shaped iron legs with visible welding.
Every Bruno Spreafico piece is unique and made to measure, with a wide choice of woods, bases, finishes, colours, materials, sizes and other features.

Every detail is a triumph of craftsmanship and creativity.

Warm and natural wood, cold and forged iron.

The presence of iron is increased by the square skids with visible welding

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