Oak side round table

Oak side round table
Dimensions of the furniture in the photo

L Ø80 - Ø60H 60 - 30 cm



The purity of the essence of wood

The single iron leg of this table not only supports the oak top: it’s almost as if it draws the eye to the cross section of oak trunk, which holds the attention thanks to the beauty of the material.
The solid wood is testament to the history of the tree with its deep marks, clearly-defined concentric rings and bark edge. The reddish tones of the oak provide the perfect backdrop for the bark, which can be light or dark, while the resin fills the larger fissures without detracting from the essence of this solid wood side table.

Every detail is a triumph of craftsmanship and creativity.

Each solid wood board tells a story.

Solid oak: hard, resistant and tenacious.