Solid wood and Hardwood: the differences

obtained but also from the choices made and the processes carried out in the processing of this raw
material: in this way we obtain types of material that have very different characteristics and properties,
although always wood.

Hardwood uses almost the entire trunk of a tree, using its different sections without making an active
selection: hardwood boards are therefore obtained from a single plant, born as a single piece and directly usable to make furniture or constructions; In fact, hardwood is often used for this purpose, in the form of beams supporting roofs in more rustic and old-fashioned constructions. Hardwood is in fact able to support important weights while maintaining its structural integrity: even if it can open between the fibers, it always remains solid and reliable, but not everyone can appreciate the formation of these long and clearly visible cracks.

Solid wood, on the other hand, is obtained exclusively from the innermost part of the trunk, the
heartwood, which is harder, more resistant and more valuable; Solid wood is very popular for the
realization of furniture that stands out for its beauty and that can maintain its charm for many and many
years, if properly cared for. Since a limited part of the trunk is used, depending on the size and type of
plant, it will be or not difficult to have a large board, so often solid wood creations combine several pieces of wood to reach the desired size.

tavoli in legno massello

This feature can be used to produce creations with a particular charm: this table in multi-varieties slats has been made by combining wooden slats of different varieties and thicknesses, such as walnut, chestnut, elm, mahogany, teak and doussie, combined with visible insertions.

The different varieties of solid wood come together to create a surface of great value and great visual
charm: the different colors and different types of grain combine in a splendid wooden fresco; Over time,
moreover, the different varieties will react in their own way, each creating its own effects (for example,
color change) enhancing the nature of living material of wood.

tavoli in legno massello

The table in Carrara marble and pear wood is also composed of different boards, as the different chromatic shades of its surface and the joint points reveal: the combination of different elements enhances the addition of the non-wooden element, Carrara marble, which creates a strong contrast between the warmth and roughness of the wood. Solid wood and marble are however united by a value: both highly sought-after materials, together they create a piece of furniture with a great personality and presence.

Solid wood exhibits aesthetic and physical properties superior to those of hardwood: for this reason, we
only use this first type of wood to create furniture and furnishing elements of great value, with tailor-made projects. Contact us to learn more.

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