The merits of resin and solid wood tables

Solid wood tables exhibit perfect imperfections, such as cuts, cracks, irregular contours and depressions, which reveal the authenticity of the material and the history of the tree from which it was born.

A master craftsman knows that these elements are not to be concealed, but to be enhanced, so that each solid wood table is a unique and unrepeatable work of art.

The simplest and most direct way to create real solid wood furniture is to leave imperfections untouched.

But it is not the only way.

The master craftsman has at his disposal a vast repertoire of techniques and finishes to work on imperfections to enhance their presence on the surface of solid wood, including resin.

tavoli resina

In resin tables, the imperfections of solid wood accommodate pours of liquid material that then solidifies, marrying indissolubly with the table and forming a single entity that unites natural and synthetic, hot and cold, irregularity and regularity.

A depression in solid wood becomes a lake.

A deep crack that splits the board in two becomes a river bed.

An irregular corner becomes half of a jigsaw puzzle.

Although imperfections are apparently covered, the resin table instead enhances them, because it is their irregularities and uniqueness that determine the shape that the liquid casting will take once solidified: how could one exist without the other?

tavoli resina

The combination of solid wood and resin opens up an infinity of possibilities, experimenting and combining different colours, finishes and effects to achieve results that are pleasing to the eye and satisfying in their daily use.

Bruno Spreafico makes resin tables using solid wood in a completely handcrafted and customised way, combining a centuries-old tradition with a taste for modern and innovative furniture.

For more information on how to combine wood and resin, contact us.

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