Material in first place: how an ancient villa becomes modern without losing its soul

Material in first place: how an ancient villa becomes modern without losing its soul



Ancient Villa

Nestled among the Tuscan hills, surrounded by vineyards for which the region is famous, a rural villa is reborn through a renovation project aimed at enhancing the historicity of the structure without compromising on modern comforts and aesthetic appeal. The challenge was to highlight and enhance the original features of the building, including the exposed stone walls, terracotta flooring, and wooden ceiling beams, with a choice of furnishings that share the same raw and textured nature.

The architect’s choice to rely on Bruno Spreafico allowed him to realize his vision by creating custom-made creations using artisanal techniques that respect and enhance the material, reinterpreting it in a modern key, just like what was done with the villa itself, in order to harmonize perfectly with the surroundings. The spacious open-plan living area features two raw iron slabs on the wall with solid wood blocks, offering a tactile interpretation of a bookshelf, as well as a solid wood and iron sideboard, an audacious modern reinterpretation of a classic piece of furniture. In the kitchen, the centerpiece is a solid wood table that proudly displays its grain and rich range of natural colors, echoing the warm tones of exposed stone and terracotta, and the vibrancy of nature that can be admired from the nearby window.

A perfect balance between the ancient and the modern, between nature and design, makes this villa a charming and welcoming place where one can experience the most authentic essence of Tuscany

Only an expert hand knows how to enhance the texture of solid wood and raw iron, preserving all sensory sensations while simultaneously infusing a modern spirit into traditional materials

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From the design of the spaces to the creation and installation of our custom-made solid wood products, all phases of each project are followed directly by our designers.

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