Stone, amber, and oak, historic Florentine villa, a carefully renovated architectural gem

Stone, amber, and oak, historic Florentine villa, a carefully renovated architectural gem



Historic Florentine villa

Living in the cradle of the Renaissance means breathing centuries of history, art, and culture every day, but also feeling the drive for innovation, revolution, and exploration that animated the talents of another era. Thus, a Florentine apartment embodies the values of these places, blending tradition and modernity, art and design, study and impulse. The extensive use of natural materials, exposed stones, wooden surfaces, and linen curtains make the environment cozy and familiar, while the simple lines and shapes of the furnishings create an airy and livable picture.

The exploration of materials is one of the distinctive features of Bruno Spreafico’s work, and here he manages to build a network of interactions between wood, iron, and stone. The amber wood table dominates the main hall, imposing itself in the design with its peculiar bi-tonal chromaticity, while the modular bookcase frames the back wall. The oak and iron of the sideboard in the smaller room trace an invisible thread that connects to the living room and guides guests and residents on a journey where stones and trees whisper their stories spanning centuries, stories that enrich day after day.

Light and dark, curved and straight lines for an amber table full of energy and contrasts

From one room to another, guided by the charm of Bruno Spreafico's modern furniture

From the manufacturer to the end customer

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