In balance between history and modernity: a penthouse dominated by wood in the Upper City of Bergamo

In balance between history and modernity: a penthouse dominated by wood in the Upper City of Bergamo




The Upper City of Bergamo has always been a place of contradictions, where past and future, tradition and innovation, ancient walls, and modern architecture meet. Creating an interior design project here means embracing these contrasts and finding a perfect balance between different souls, as it happens in this luxurious penthouse, where modern comfort and the charm of solid wood are balanced through a careful selection of colors and materials, and attention to details. The penthouse is spread over two levels, the living area and the sleeping area, with wood as the common thread among the spaces, and from the windows, one can enjoy the view of Lower Bergamo and the lush hills.

Wood is the dominant element, with parquet covering the entire floor, complemented by custom-made solid wood furniture by Bruno Spreafico. The assembled table displays irregular contours and dynamic lines, in sharp contrast with the geometric precision and cleanliness of the modern furniture surrounding it. A cube sideboard is embraced by a low partition, enhancing the available space with a visually striking piece that also serves as a practical storage solution. Lastly, the centerpiece is the modular bookcase with solid wood shelves and colored laminate, extending from the first to the second floor like a majestic tower, gracefully soaring upwards thanks to the tubular structure.

A modern penthouse immersed in the warmth and vitality of wood

A cube sideboard combining solid wood and raw iron in a compact and functional solution

From the manufacturer to the end customer

From the design of the spaces to the creation and installation of our custom-made solid wood products, all phases of each project are followed directly by our designers.

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