Modernity and craftsmanship, raw beech for the Officina del Riso in Milan

Modernity and craftsmanship, raw beech for the Officina del Riso in Milan



Rice Workshop

The Officina is a forge of creativity, where the search for the best products from the Mediterranean gastronomic universe is combined with the art of Japanese sushi, and where passion for risotto in all its forms and possibilities is brought to the table. What defines this restaurant in Milan, which has three locations in Via Marghera, at the Navigli and in Via Cadore, is a crossroads of tradition and experimentation, a constant search for uniqueness, and a desire to enhance the raw material, which is why solid wood tables in raw beech wood were chosen.

Solid raw beech wood tables stained for rich personality

Research and experimentation in both cuisine and restaurant design

The solid wood tables are custom-made by Bruno Spreafico for Officina del Riso, embodying the essence of the establishment. The search for the best raw materials is satisfied by the use of solid wood, which is the most precious of woods. The modern reinterpretation of something traditional is exactly what we do at Bruno Spreafico every day, infusing modernity into a craftsmanship approach that has been passed down from generation to generation. The raw beech used for these tables has been stained to give them personality and darker tones than they would normally have.

Modernity and craftsmanship with solid wood tables

From the manufacturer to the end customer

From the design of the spaces to the creation and installation of our custom-made solid wood products, all phases of each project are followed directly by our designers.

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