The literary treasure of Venice, Villa San Marco, meets Bruno Spreafico’s oak and iron

The literary treasure of Venice, Villa San Marco, meets Bruno Spreafico’s oak and iron



Villa San Marco's Private Library

In the heart of Venice lies a small private treasury of culture and knowledge, where one can immerse themselves among the pages of precious volumes to retrace the footsteps of historical figures, uncover the mysteries of nature, follow legendary heroes, and visit a thousand worlds. The large and luminous windows ensure a continuous flow of natural light, while the white walls instill calmness and enhance the natural light without making the space feel cold, thanks to the generous presence of furnishings made of solid oak wood that infuse warmth and vitality into the environment.

In this bold project that respectfully embraces Venetian history and projects it towards the future, Bruno Spreafico has contributed by creating custom-made unique pieces of Iron Wood, sideboards, and shelves with solid oak wood, raw iron, and Fenix, creating an industrial aesthetic that redefines the concept of a library in a modern key. Innovative design, sustainability, respect for the historical context, state-of-the-art construction techniques, and contemporary Venetian architecture are the keywords that define this project—a sanctuary of knowledge and culture in the vibrant heart of Venice.

It's not only books that tell stories: the story of wood is written in its perfect imperfections, without the need for words.

The value of Iron Wood embodies the authentic spirit of the Serenissima.

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