Lives and connections, the fir tree protagonist at Talent Garden Calabiana

Lives and connections, the fir tree protagonist at Talent Garden Calabiana



Talent Garden

Founded in Italy in 2011, Talent Garden is Europe’s leading digital education provider and the largest community of innovators in the tech ecosystem with offices in 12 countries and a network of 4,500 digital professionals. Talent Garden Calabiana is the leading Italian campus and aims to offer an open space and open mind environment where talents can be stimulated, grow, share ideas and change the world. The interior design by the prestigious Carlo Ratti Associati studio also contributes to this objective, with a modern, open, energetic, vital mood: the chosen essence, the fir tree, an evergreen plant that represents the perennial power of life and the connection between different forces, just like Talent Garden, also helped to build this feeling.

A contemporary industrial environment where solid wood stands out

The uniqueness of wood to accommodate the best digital talent

All the furnishing elements such as offices, tables, and entrance desks are custom-made by Bruno Spreafico for Talent Garden Calabiana, adapting to the unique characteristics of this space and, by extension, to any open space environment that one wishes to furnish. The significant presence of wood creates a contemporary industrial environment, and the finishes that vary from room to room enhance this precious and vital material in constantly new forms. Each creation is unique and always provides new inspiration for the talents who inhabit the space, while conveying the energy of a living material.

Wooden tables on which the world is changed.

From the manufacturer to the end customer

From the design of the spaces to the creation and installation of our custom-made solid wood products, all phases of each project are followed directly by our designers.

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