Oak, stone and iron, Nasturzio is born in the former Ripa convent

Oak, stone and iron, Nasturzio is born in the former Ripa convent



Nasturzio Restaurant

Nasturzio Restaurant is located in the splendid setting of the former convent of La Ripa in Albino, in the province of Bergamo. Here, three young chefs offer their cuisine based on passion and research. The exterior of the building, with its exposed stone, welcomes guests into a refined and modern space that reflects the culinary proposal. The aesthetics of the venue result from the same skillful blend of different elements that make a dish memorable: from the neutral tones of the walls to the panels emerging from the ceiling, all the way to the solid wood tables made by Bruno Spreafico.

A valuable material that enriches the environment

A perfect frame for solid wood tables

The solid wood tables are custom-made by Bruno Spreafico for Nasturzio Restaurant, harmonizing with the other furniture choices and enriching the environment with a precious material. Each solid wood table is a unique experience, taking the raw material with its imperfections and enhancing it through artisanal workmanship in various forms and sizes. The choice of solid oak essence for the tables combines the aesthetics of a warm, enveloping, and bold material that stands out thanks to the contrast with neutral tones, with the practicality of a durable wood that will gain value over time.

The aesthetics of a warm, enveloping and decisive material

From the manufacturer to the end customer

From the design of the spaces to the creation and installation of our custom-made solid wood products, all phases of each project are followed directly by our designers.

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